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Das Leistungsspektrum der M.F.P.N. Projektmanagement GmbH & Co. KG umfasst die Objektsuche, die Betreuung des Ankaufs, die Vorbereitung, die Koordinierung der Planung und Ausführung sowie die Nachbetreuung der Bauvorhaben.
M.F.P.N. Projektentwicklung Berlin München Wien Nagel & Partner Immobilien
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Tassostraße 15–15a

15–15a Tassostrasse

The properties at 15 and 15a Tassostrasse were completely modernized and restored in 2007. These three-story apartment buildings comprise 2,090 square meters of living space. They are part of the “Gemeindeforum” ensemble at Kreuzpfuhl in Weissensee. As part of the modernization and restoration of this prewar...

Berliner Allee 76 / Herbert-Baum-Straße 2

76 Berliner Allee
2 Herbert-Baum-Strasse

The construction project at 76 Berliner Allee / 2 Herbert-Baum-Strasse is located in the former redevelopment area “Komponistenviertel” (composers’ quarter) in Berlin-Weissensee. The property is a three-story corner building with solid and wood beam ceilings. The residential / commercial building comprises 201 square meters commercial...