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Das Leistungsspektrum der M.F.P.N. Projektmanagement GmbH & Co. KG umfasst die Objektsuche, die Betreuung des Ankaufs, die Vorbereitung, die Koordinierung der Planung und Ausführung sowie die Nachbetreuung der Bauvorhaben.
M.F.P.N. Projektentwicklung Berlin München Wien Nagel & Partner Immobilien
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Below we present an excerpt from our list of objects. Click on an image to obtain information on the respective address:


M.F.P.N. Projekt Management GmbH & Co. KG exclusively handles its own projects and those of its partners. The firm considers itself an agent and coordinator between the construction partners, the builder/owner, tenants, permitting agencies, those participating in planning (architect, construction supervisor, construction engineer, stress analyst), the construction firm and the neighbors. Our work is based on the experience and knowledge our planning specialists have gathered over the years and our long-standing good contacts to authorities, agencies and tenant consultation services.

The range of services of M.F.P.N. Projekt Management GmbH & Co. KG encompasses the search for properties, support of purchase activities, preparation and coordination of planning and implementation as well as follow-up.

We conduct property research through clear and transparent evaluation of the opportunities and risks involved in each case. Client wishes and perceptions are taken into consideration during our preplanning evaluations. Specific function and usage concepts are developed with attention to economic aspects, current promotional possibilities and tax models. We watch current trends in the areas of architecture and design as the basis of forward-looking planning.

Coordinating planning and implementation of building activities is a focal point of our work. Once our basic concepts are in place, detailed descriptions and plans are generated. When agreed on and approved by us and the owner, these form the basis of the building permit application. The permit application is then submitted to the applicable agencies by the architect.

Calls for proposals and subsequent ascertainment of price are taken care of by a team of established specialists. This assures that no larger, unexpected problems – and resulting cost increases — are encountered during implementation of the project.

The investment process is handled in a transparent manner by our controlling department, which employs continuous cost control by comparing the nominal and actual values.

When the construction phase is complete, we take care of the renting/leasing process, handle maintenance of the property and remain available as a contact for its administration.


Peter Nagel

Construction Management

Ulrich Losse

Graduated Civil Engineer
✆ +49 30 422 611 – 0


Peggy Thymian

Graduated Civil Engineer
✆ +49 30 422 611 – 0


Christina Fleger

✆ +49 30 422 611 – 0