M.F.P.N. Projektmanagement GmbH & Co. KG | 166 Brunnenstrasse 
Das Leistungsspektrum der M.F.P.N. Projektmanagement GmbH & Co. KG umfasst die Objektsuche, die Betreuung des Ankaufs, die Vorbereitung, die Koordinierung der Planung und Ausführung sowie die Nachbetreuung der Bauvorhaben.
M.F.P.N. Projektentwicklung Berlin München Wien Nagel & Partner Immobilien
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166 Brunnenstrasse

At 166 Brunnenstrasse, a new building is under construction. The number of floors will be staggered: a street-facing building with cellar, will have six stories; the side wing has five stories, and a courtyard building has four stories without a cellar. Overall, ten apartments covering a total of 1,094.71 square meters will be created.

The building will be entered via a stairway at the courtyard side with an inside elevator.

When completed, the buildings will offer, small (two-room) apartments as well as large apartments, all equipped with modern conveniences and either terraces or balconies.


Key Data:

  • Berlin-Mitte location
  • Total area: 1,094.71 square meters
  • Commercial area: 225 square meters
  • Residential area: 896 square meters
Gewerbe, Wohnen